In Conversation With Maria from The Femme Cast Podcast 

I had the pleasure to sit down with Maria at the Femme Cast Podcast!

We focussed on several things but the dominant discourse was all about Body Love: How to bring the sexy back into your life (even when you just don’t feel sexy!) 

The Magic Of Boudoir 

We started the conversation by discussing boudoir photography & how the style of photography is beloved for its deeply personal & unfiltered nature.

It’s raw, it’s real, it’s unfiltered. 

While traditionally it’s been a women’s game, boudoir photo sessions at EAB warmly welcome individuals of all genders! A lot of people think a boudoir shoot is JUST a sexy photoshoot – which I am on a mission to change. 

Why do I want to offer more than just a sexy shoot? Honestly, I have a couple of “whys”!

  1. I did a boudoir shoot myself some years ago and whenever I look at the photos, while they are pretty, they make me feel weird because the experience wasn’t empowering – at all. It felt like everything was on fast-forward, almost like being part of an assembly line— marched into a room, barely get to know the names of these two strangers, and then it’s straight to shedding clothes and striking poses. It kind of felt like trading in my dignity for a photo. That’s the last thing I want for my clients when they step into my studio. I strive for the opposite experience, where everyone feel valued, heard and empowered.
  1. I want my clients to grow and feel safe. Outside, the world bombards women with messages about who they should be, criticizing them for being either too much or not enough. But in my studio, the narrative changes. Here, you’re encouraged to embrace your true self without fear of judgment or shame. It’s a sanctuary where you can forge a deep connection with your body & heart, laying down a foundation of peace, love, joy, and self-acceptance that transcends thoughts or words.

But, I do want to highlight that a boudoir shoot is not a magical cure!

These are human beings – we are all. With that comes real emotions & real challenges.

Many women who come into EAB deeply struggle with their confidence & body image. That is okay. That is NORMAL

What isn’t normal, in my opinion, is not feeling safe, secure, or heard by your photographer when experiencing this and these big emotions. I use mindfulness practices & listening skills to connect to my clients to allow them to move through these feelings while supporting them, respecting boundaries, and never rushing them. 

What I focus on with my clients is a gentle reminder of why they’re here.

You stepped into this studio wanting to uncover & re-discover your beauty, joy, and confidence. So when you gaze at these photographs, it’s essential to embrace every aspect, even if it’s challenging. This process is a key part of your journey toward better body image. 

These images are a pure reflection of what you aspire to see in yourself. I can already see it—the beauty, joy, confidence, sensuality, and ease you have in being yourself.

It’s about aligning your vision with the way you want to experience your life, using these images as a catalyst for embracing & celebrating who you truly are.

There Is 0 Pressure To Love Everything! 

Maria and I’s convo promptly moved on to body positive vs body neutrality. 

Body positivity can be intimidating for many people, because of the pressure to “adore” every single aspect of themselves. 

Body positivity is not accessible to everyone.  Not everyone will reach a point where they can love every single detail & nuance of their body, guess what? That’s completely okay. 

Loving yourself isn’t about having a deep affection for every ingrown toenail or every inch of your body! It’s about treating your body with respect and care.

You don’t have to be in love with your belly to nourish it well, to pamper it with massages, or to keep it clean. It’s not about unconditionally adoring every part of your appearance to show yourself kindness & consideration.

It’s not mandatory to overflow with love & positivity for every aspect of your physical experience. What’s important is treating yourself with compassion & respect, acknowledging your body’s needs, and caring for it as best as you can, regardless of the challenges you face.

Moreover, as a photographer, showcasing diverse bodies & folks is not just a choice but a responsibility.

It’s a huge blow and deeply disheartening to see photographers who only showcase conventionally attractive, model-like bodies on their platforms. I’ve had clients choose my services because they saw someone who looked like them on my website, which speaks volumes.

Embracing & showcasing beauty in all its forms—across all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages—is essential in promoting genuine body positivity & making everyone feel seen and valued.

How To Bring Sexy Back INTO YOUR LIFE

When Maria posed the question, “What is your advice to help women bring sexy back?”

In my humble opinion, the journey to self-care & self-acceptance really starts with introspection. It can be un-comfy, but determining what is missing in your life – not what you need to change, but what you can ADD into your life, can be transformative.

When considering self-care, dont just add random activities.

Instead, pick the thing(s) that will truly nourish you and which might inadvertently contribute to stress. Not every self-care routine suits everyone. For example, for me, I don’t find getting my nails done relaxing. Instead, Im counting down for them to be done so I can leave!  

It’s about finding what resonates with you, what brings you joy and rejuvenation. It could be as simple as reading a book, taking a nature walk, or indulging in a hobby that you’ve neglected.

The goal is to choose self-care practices that align with your needs and preferences, creating a sense of fulfillment and joy rather than obligation or additional pressure. 

Listen now! 

What else can you look forward to in this conversation…

  • Affirmations & body-awareness meditation.
  • Mirror scans and how the most powerful changes happen during discomfort. 
  • Together, Maria and I answer interesting audience questions! 

Listen here: 

About the Podcast & Maria: 

Welcome to The Femme Cast. The podcast is for women who are truly ready to drop the paralyzing perfectionism and self-doubt and just live their best hot mess life.

I’m your host Maria, a radical self-love leader, storyteller, recovering people pleaser, and relationship mentor. I am all about empowering women to uplevel their relationships and their lives, through the art of radical self-love. 

Here at The Femme Cast, we’re all about radical self-love rituals and techniques, creating healthy, and loving relationships, and living your best life right now, no matter how much of a hot mess it might be. 

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