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You Are a Masterpiece

Body-Positive Denver Boudoir Photography

For Women & Femmes On Their Journey of

Self Love

A Mindfulness-Infused, Inclusive Boudoir Photography Studio Located in Golden, Colorado
Serving Denver Metro, the Front Range, and Colorado

Welcome, I’m So Glad You’re Here!

My name is Gabby and I’m profoundly passionate about helping you take a huge step forward on your self-love journey by combining boudoir photography with embodiment practices like meditation & breathwork.

When you book at Embodied Art Boudoir, you’re not getting just a sexy photoshoot.

You’re getting so much more.

✨ Thorough & helpful pre-shoot education to help you feel totally prepared for your shoot. Advice on outfits, mindset, and more!

✨ Guidance around setting your intention for your boudoir experience so you can take the next step on your self love journey.

Easy location – Avoid the traffic of downtown Denver & park your car in a covered spot at the Golden, CO studio.

Professional hair & makeup for pampering and a polished look in your final artwork.

✨ Guided pre-shoot meditation to help you get you grounded & connected in your body.

✨ Expert posing & direction for body & face to highlight your favorite features – you don’t have to know anything about posing!

✨ Coaching for real emotion & your authentic personality through body language, facial expression, and a space where you’re invited to be fully yourself.

✨ An inclusive, judgement-free space. You will never be turned away or seen as less beautiful because of what you look like. All bodies are celebrated here ♥

✨ A photoshoot that’s actually fun! It doesn’t have to be super serious! You’ll probably even forget you’re half naked because you’ll be enjoying yourself so much (this happens to most people)

If you let it, the boudoir experience can be a transformative experience to connect more deeply with your body and quiet down your inner critic. 

Some of my clients use boudoir to see the beauty of their new body after having a baby or experiencing an illness, others use it to reconnect to their cut off sensuality and sexuality, and there are those who use it to celebrate positive changes in their bodies and lives.

The journey is yours to discover & explore. 

And I’m here to make it as easy and FUN as possible for you.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Gabby is amazing to work with! I immediately felt at ease working with her. She’s super communicative and friendly, especially for first-time models of boudoir. Never once did I feel uncomfortable or outside of my comfort zone. And her work is absolutely STUNNING! Seeing the previews during the shoot just boosted my confidence even more, Can’t wait for my album to come in!  💋

3 Steps

To Your Confidence-Boosting Boudoir Experience


Get in Touch

Submit the contact form below to schedule an initial consult call. This call is our first chance to connect and make sure we’re a good fit! I’ll ask about your goals for your session and share details on the Experience, Artwork, Pricing, Payment Plans, Free Bonuses, and whatever else you have questions about.



To confirm your date, you’ll pay the Session Fee and sign a contract. You’ll receive the Welcome Guide and have several days to review it before we hop on another phone call to talk Artwork, set up your optional Payment Plan, and talk about what Free Bonuses you want!


Set Your Intention

Reflecting & setting an intention can make the difference between a fun experience, and a fun & profoundly transformational experience. Don’t worry, I help you with this if you haven’t set an intention before! Your intention will be the foundation for your growth.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Gabby is so awesome. She made me feel beautiful, confident and sexy, all while enjoying myself and truly being in the moment. I had such a good time and now I have great photos to remember the day and remind me that I AM confident, beautiful and sexy.

Embodied Art Boudoir Pricing


~Welcome Gift
~Boudoir Styling & Prep Guides
~Pre-Shoot Consultation
~Intention-Setting Guidance
~Body Image Healing Journal Prompts
~Professional Hair & Makeup
~Body-Love Guided Meditation
~1.5 Hour Photoshoot (studio in Denver area)
~At Least 3 Outfits
~3 Basic Studio Sets – Bed, Bright, and Dark
~Same Day Viewing & Ordering Session – that’s right, you’ll see your images right after your session!

The session fee does not include images. All images – albums, gallery boxes, wall art, and digitals – are sold separately.

A La Carte artwork (wall art, albums, digitals) starts at $799 and Collections (which come with FREE special Bonuses on prepayment) start at $1900. Learn more about pricing here.

Payment plans for Collections start as low as $80/biweekly & you can book up to 10 months in the future for more budget-friendly payments.

I share a lot more details about these beautiful Artwork products, payment plans, and FREE bonuses on our initial consult call – get started by submitting your contact form below!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
GABBY IS AMAZING AND SUPER TALENTED!!! She had a ton of prep guides and grounding work to keep you feeling your love for your beautiful body and helping to calm any nerves and insecurities. I LOVED how she guided me into each posing with helpful and easy cues. Her photography of my body erased years and years of critical thoughts about my body. I loved all of my photos so much and found a new deep love and appreciation for my body! 11 out of 10 recommend her!!!

Ready for the next big step on your Self-Love Journey?
Get In Touch Below!

Submit the form below to learn all about booking a boudoir shoot at Colorado’s Embodied Art Boudoir! 
Have a different question? Email me at gabby @

Golden, Colorado Boudoir Photography Studio Location

The boudoir studio is right off Route 6 in Golden, by Green Mountain, the Jeffco Fairgrounds, and the Colorado Mills Mall, offering lots of lunch options for the day of your shoot.  

Free, covered parking onsite. 

Centrally-located studio without the hassle of parking in downtown Denver. Within 30 minutes of Denver, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, South Boulder, and more. Within 1.5 hrs of Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Silverthorne/Dillon/Breckenridge. 

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Coming out of a relationship that kept me silent and brainwashed me into thinking that I was less than, not worthy of happiness, and an ugly person (physically and internally), these photos are visually symbolic of my journey not only to love and accept myself, but are a physical display of taking back the power to own my happiness, my life, my mind and body. I was powerless in my relationship, and I have taken back my mind body and spirit.

Things you don’t need to Do a boudoir session:

  • To be young 
  • To be fit or healthy
  • Knowing how to make a sexy face
  • Knowing how to pose
  • Fancy lingerie
  • Loads of confidence
  • ‘Toned’ anything
  • A flat belly
  • Shaved legs or armpits
  • Your dream job
  • A totally put together life
  • Perfect skin

Things you do need
to do a boudoir session:

  • Yourself
  • Clean, moisturized skin 
  • Clean, dry hair (for styling)
  • Some outfit options 
  • Your intention
  • A growth mindset 
  • A willingness to see the best in yourself and to practice self-love!


Curious about what kind of boudoir is best for you?

Discover what boudoir photography style will compliment your personality the best. Take this quiz & find out!

FAQs for Your Denver Boudoir Photoshoot

What Should I Wear To My Boudoir Photoshoot?

There are sooo many options for gorgeous, flattering, and fun outfits for your boudoir photoshoot! You get 3 outfits, including nude (more if you get the extra outfit bonus!) From modest ensembles to bare nude, I give a ton of guidance in my blog post Outfit Ideas & Flattering All Figures: How to Pick the Perfect Boudoir Look

I Don’t Have A Lot Of Lingerie, Where Should I Buy My Outfits?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to wear lingerie to a boudoir photoshoot! I’ve photographed women in bellbottom pants, crop tops, blazers, sheer skirts, and more. However, if you’re looking for an excuse to buy some gorgeous, sexy new lingerie, check out this guide to The Best Colorado Lingerie Stores for Your Boudoir Photography Session.

How Much Does A Luxury Denver Boudoir Photoshoot Cost?

There are two parts to boudoir pricing – your Session Fee and your Artwork. Your Session Fee of $500 books your date on the calendar, and it’s the whole day. You are my full focus for that day and for the months leading up to your session when I’m sending you a ton of helpful resources to maximize your experience. You’re getting taken care of with a professional photographer who will lead you through this experience (especially posing) along with a professional hair and makeup artist!

Your Artwork – Albums, Wall Art, Folio Boxes, and Digitals – are separate and starting at $699. Most clients end up spending between $2-5k. For more details on what’s included in your Session Fee and what to expect to pay for Artwork, check out this blog post

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes! I offer ZERO interest pre-session payment plans that help make this luxury experience more accessible to everyday women with everyday budgets. Payment plans set up within 10 days of booking your session get Free Bonuses. When you choose a Collection (vs a la carte), you gain access to even more Free Bonuses like album upgrades, session upgrades, and fun products like a custom gif, a smartphone gallery app, or some Polaroid pictures from your session!

Do Boudoir Photos Make A Good Gift?

Boudoir photos, like albums, make an amazing gift!! Many of my clients come to me to create an album they can gift their partner for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or holiday like Christmas or Valentines Day. PLUS – the experience itself is a massive gift to yourself. The experience of getting embodied, getting connected to your body & heart – then creating art with your body – that experience can be the perfect affirmation you need to get to the next step of your self-love journey.

Can I Get Just The Digitals?

Though I focus on physical artwork at Embodied Art Boudoir, there is a digital-only option for my supreme minimalists out there. Good news – digitals are included in almost all Collections. I really want you to have physical artwork from your photoshoot. There’s something so powerful about seeing your stunning images filling a gorgeous book or adorning the walls of your boudoir (bedroom). This kind of tangible art won’t be forgotten on a hard drive, it’s meant to be touched, seen, enjoyed! Check out the main Artwork products I offer here. 

What If I Do My Own Hair And Makeup, Can I Get A Discount On My Session Fee?

Unfortunately no, the Session Fee holds your date on the calendar and offers all the pre shoot help. If you don’t use everything provided, the price does not change.

I’ll provide you with a professional hair & makeup artist, who knows how to create a look that fits your vibe AND looks incredible on camera. It’s likely that your typical makeup is not the best for a flash/artificial light studio setting. My artists have makeup to match every skin tone and can work with any hair that can be styled with a curling iron or flat iron! We want you to love your hair & makeup, so we are not finished with styling until you LOVE your look.

It’s also a super relaxing way to ease into your self-care day & sooth some of those pre-photoshoot nerves!

Don’t Let Self Doubt Hold You Back From Celebrating Yourself

Insecurities can be rough. We all have them. The inner critic just gets so damn loud sometimes!! Sometimes it seems like the comparison and negative thoughts feel stronger than our efforts at self-acceptance. The little voice in our heads that whispers “you can’t do something like a boudoir shoot until you look like a super fit Denver hiking chick or lose those last 20 pounds.”

But looking a certain way won’t change the way you think about yourself. It won’t make you love yourself more.

Only practicing loving yourself more will help you love yourself more.

Which is why I love being a boudoir photographer so, so much. I can offer women & femmes an opportunity to practice/experience self-love toward your body and invest in creating truly stunning art.

Because, after all,

You Are a Masterpiece

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