Affirmation Cards

For Body Confidence
& Self Love

The Perfect Companion to Your Self-Love & Personal Growth Journey

Why Affirmations?

We all have an internal dialog, and our self-talk could help launch us to new heights or hold us back in fear & feelings of unworthiness.

Our brains are constantly rewiring themselves due to neuroplasticity, so paying attention to our thoughts is important.

Affirmations strengthen the helpful thoughts that positively impact our emotions & actions.

Research has proven time & time again why affirmations are crucial to success. While not a cure-all, affirmations are one of the greatest tools to have in our toolbox and are readily available whenever & wherever you are in your journey.

Body-Positive & Body-Neutral Affirmations to Help You Set Uplifting Daily Intentions

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Included with your purchase:

  • 77 Beautiful-Designed Affirmation Cards
  • Instructions Card
  • Glossy Box
  • Cards are sized 3″x5″ – designed to be portable & travel-friendly!
  • Free Bonus: Digital cards to use as phone screensavers!


“Wow!! What a beautiful deck! Quick and easy shipping, the packaging is so cute, and the cards are inspiring pieces of art and mindset. I’m obsessed! I pick a new card every day to help positivity flow into my life. Highly recommend for yourself, a gift, or both!”



“Such a beautiful and high quality product! I can’t wait to use them!!”



“just made my Christmas shopping easier. This deck is gorgeous, with amazing art and beautiful affirmations. Perfect for intention setting in the New Year!”


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