Embodied Art Boudoir Pricing


✨ New Client Welcome Gift
✨ Boudoir Styling & Prep Guides
✨ Pre-Shoot Consultation
✨ Body Image Healing Journal Prompts
✨ Professional Hair & Makeup
✨ Intention-Setting Guidance
✨ Body-Love Guided Meditation
✨ 1.5 Hour Photoshoot
✨ 3 Outfits (minimum)
✨ 3 Basic Studio Sets – Bed Set, Bright Set, and Dark Set
✨ Same Day Viewing & Ordering Session – that’s right,
you’ll see your images right after your session!

ArtWork Pricing

The session fee does NOT include images. All images – albums, folio boxes, wall art, and digitals – are sold separately.

A La Carte artwork (individual wall art, albums, digitals) starts at $699 and Collections (different products bundled together for savings) start at $1900. Most clients spend between $2800-4800 and take advantage of the payment plans to make this fit their budget!

Free Bonuses

The Bonuses give us a chance to customize your Session or Artwork! Bonuses include additional Photoshoot Sets like Nudescapes/Bodyscapes or the Shower Set. You can also gain access to the studio body chains, get some Polaroid photos from your session, upgrade to a diamond album cover, and more!

There are TWO ways to get FREE Bonuses during your Embodied Art Boudoir experience.

1. Collect Setup Bonuses when you set up your Pre-Payment Plan within 10 days og booking (I informally call this the anti-procrastination bonus lol)

2. Collect Collection Bonuses when you pre purchase a Collection (instead of buying A La Carte).

Pre Payment Plans

YES – I do offer no-fee & zero-interest rate financing through in-house PRE-Session Payment Plans! These start as low as $190/monthly for a Collection!

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