Podcast Interview with Sabrina Magnan of the Live Unrestricted Podcast

I was stoked for the opportunity to sit down & chat with Sabrina Magnan, the host of the Live Unrestricted Podcast.

Sabrina is a Food Freedom & Intuitive Eating Coach, supporting individuals to break free from the never-ending cycle of food obsession & weight concerns.

In her weekly pod episodes, Sabrina delves into the world of intuitive eating, non-diet nutrition, body image, eating disorders, goal achievement, mindfulness, exercise, & the transformative power of mindset.

I love Sabrina’s perspective that urges listeners to break free from harmful diet culture, heal from disordered eating patterns, & embrace body acceptance. I hope you’ll listen to learn more about living unrestricted & of being your authentic self.

I was lucky enough to join Sabrina for not just one, but two episodes! Heres what went down…

chatting Mindfulness & Body Confidence with Sabrina Magnan

If you have been following me for a while, you may know that I’ve long been one to have a camera in my hands, capturing the world around me. This transitioned into couple photography & eventually, boudoir photography. But I shared with Sabrina, through her inquiries, was how, while I enjoyed capturing couples, my role felt more about coaching & supporting them to connect.

As a photographer, something clicked with boudoir photography. I was no longer orchestrating a couple’s connection, but that moment when a woman connects to her self & comes sprinting a full blast home to herself, only to be greeted with a warm hug by the only person they ever needed: themselves.

My role as the mindful boudoir photographer is to help facilitate turning down the volume of women’s inner critic, alleviate nerves, to show up & ultimately, find peace. I support women on their individual journey, wherever they are on it.

Im honoured to be apart of it & I genuinely take that role seriously.

You are not in my studio to perform for anyone. You dont have to impress anyone. You have 100% agency over your boudoir shoot. What you say goes!

You dont have to do anything you don’t want to in the shoot. You dont have to wear something that doesn’t feel authentic.

You can take a break whenever you need. You can get out of a pose that doesn’t feel good. You do not need to ask me for permission. You are the boss! Everything is an option!

As I said, I take my role seriously, so I support my clients from the offset, sharing a huge bible of content upon booking about how to prepare for your shoot, outfit suggestions, what to pack, how to get glowy skin, etc but also how to prepare your mind. How to handle those pre-shoot nerves, how to invite mindfulness into your days leading up, & how to set an intention for your shoot.

The beauty of all this is you will only ever do what feels good! Sabrina drew brilliant parallels throughout the episodes on how this all connects to food, intuitive eating & confidence.For example, when you do what feels right & good for your body, which extends to eating what feels good & when you need it, those actions help you to trust yourself better, as you choose the path, options & food that works for you. No one else. You. The more you lean into your authentic self, the more confidence & authenticity flourishes.

I want moreof the Live Unrestricted…

Want more? You’ll have to listen to our podcast episodes for the full overview! 😉

You can look forward to learning more about…

  • What is Forest Yoga?
  • How to actually feed your body what it needs & wants.
  • Advice on how to actively pursue your passion & strengths in life.
  • “The Curse of the Should!”

Listen now on Apple Podcasts. Episode one is here, & two is here! Thank you!

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