Conversation with Meg Gluckman of Welcome to the Other Side Podcast 

I loved sitting down with Meg Gluckman of Welcome to the Other Side Podcast! Meg’s podcast is the place to be for women navigating big changes in their lives.

I highly recommend listening to it!

Sexy Self Love 

A question that started the pod is one that I love to share, “Why do women come to Embodied Art Boudoir?” 

The women who step through my doors are all incredible people who have honestly gone through a lot in their lives, regardless of age (of which I see all ages btw – everyone is welcome!) & the body reflects that. It can literally hold the trauma & pain. 

Back to the women who come to the studio: often they are on a healing journey. This healing journey can range!

From healing from a tough breakup, reclaiming their power after feeling like it wasn’t theirs for years, to reconnecting to who they are without shame. 

A lot of women come seeking a body image reset, hoping to feel better about the body they navigate the world with after a big event such as divorce, a baby, or a life change. It helps women to connect to their body journey connection. 

I also LOVE it when women come in to celebrate a milestone! From birthdays to graduation, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate. 

How Does Mindfulness Play A Role in a Boudoir Shoot?

I love this question… like, what DOES mindfulness have to do with photography?

As someone who practices mindfulness, I want to share my definition of it first. It’s about bringing awareness of what is going on with you: physically, emotionally, & your thoughts, by bringing awareness to that inner dialogue of how we speak to ourselves.  Step one of any mindfulness is inviting awareness. 

Then, it’s accepting those thoughts & where we are without shame or editorializing them.  It’s all about the art of observing, without making the thought about who you are.

We ALL go through things, we feel things, & different things happen to us, & when we can observe them without attaching a significant meaning to them, that is a compelling transformation in itself. 

When it comes to the shoot, I am here to support & respect you, only you know your body, & only you know what you need. Everything you do is your choice, based on how you feel throughout the shoot. I also implore intention setting ahead of the shoot & we will go through a guided meditation together to bring awareness, love & peace.

The truth is, this experience is ongoing & none of these things are easy – but feel it, live, & learn through it. Give yourself compassion & kindness. Yes, it’s hard but it’s possible. Life is long – you deserve to be at peace in your home (your body.) 

Listen Now! 

If you love mindfulness & growth, go listen now! 

You can look forward to the following in the pod… 

  • The Isle of Neutrality
  • Reclaiming sexuality & sexiness after a divorce & long-term relationship
  • Tiny little mindfulness exercises you can try today to dip your toe into mindfulness

Listen now! 

The Other Side Podcast is a podcast for individuals navigating life after divorce. Hosted by Meg Gluckman, a Life and Business Coach, she guides you through the transformative landscape post-divorce. Her podcast offers a treasure trove of wisdom on reshaping your life. Dive into discussions on mindset evolution, effective parenting, nurturing relationships, co-parenting strategies, organizing schedules, financial management, career advancement, self-image, habit formation, and much more. Join her unique space of growth and rediscovery.

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