In Conversation with Vanessa Murphy from Women In Confidence Podcast

I had an absolute blast chatting with Vanessa Murphy on her podcast Women in Confidence (which, by the way, is one of my favorite pods to listen to!) 

Let’s get into some of my favorite moments! 

Confidence At Its Core 

The conversation naturally led to confidence and what it means to me. 

What I’ve discovered, is that by turning inward and actively filtering out external pressures—not by isolating myself, but by not adopting others’ expectations—I’ve been able to uncover how I *actually* want to navigate the world. This process is rooted in my own values, body, and self. Over time, it has significantly boosted my confidence and personal growth.

What are my values, you ask? Growth, freedom, and fun.

That is what EAB is all about! That is what I want all my clients to notice & absorb in their experience. 

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Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body

Vanessa then flipped the question to how my clients feel and how they find their confidence through a shoot.

This is why I do what I do – to see the confidence boost & growth that all my clients experience. 

It may surprise you, but MANY of my clients who book their boudoir sessions are openly “scared shitless!”

Despite this, they forge ahead and decide to just do it! They make a courageous leap amidst their fear – which is where confidence is grown & learned! Doing the things that scare you will help you grow. 

That’s why I integrate mindfulness into my studio.

When individuals shift their focus from overthinking and being immersed in their brain & thoughts, to being present in their bodies, they experience a newfound sense of freedom. Yes, even with the imposing camera lens, women feel empowered to express themselves authentically when they’re grounded in the present moment. (Trust me. I literally haven’t felt anxiety in years thanks 100% to mindfulness & meditation.)

Boudoir Is So Much ThAN You Think!

Boudoir photography is often brushed off as “just” sexy images. People imagine the day as a woman sexually slipping into barely there lingerie, striking a sultry pose on a bed, and getting photos that are only focused on curves or the booty.

Sure, it can be this, but it is SO much more. 

As women, we exhaust ourselves with guilt & judgment when it comes to celebrating ourselves, our bodies, and our beauty.

Society LOVES to label self-celebration as vain, suggesting women should prioritize other aspects —family, career, responsibilities—over themselves.

But boudoir photography at my studio challenges this, and I wholeheartedly support that. 

Why shouldn’t we revel in our own beauty!? You are a masterpiece! 

I mean, how does acknowledging our worth diminish our ability to contribute to our families, communities, or professions!? I believe it doesn’t. 

If you ask me, celebrating ourselves only strengthens our presence in this world. When the alternative is self-criticism and negativity, embracing our beauty becomes an empowering act—one that fuels our confidence & strengthens our impact on the world (and people)around us.

When I photograph folks, I don’t see bodies – I genuinely see stories, emotions, and connections.  I strive to capture the essence of the individual.

The boudoir images I take can support you in your journey, allowing you to embrace yourself for all you are, and all you will become, too. 

But Wait, Theres More! 

I loved doing this podcast, so I have to stop myself here!

But, there’s a lot more from this invigorating conversation that I think you’ll enjoy, including: 

  • The interesting & diverse people I photograph in my studio
  • A shout out to Sharon Salzberg PLUS the name of her life-changing book I used in every shoot!
  • Details about the extensive preparation prep info ahead of your big day
  • What is a safe space?
  • How & why to reallocate the real estate of your head

…and more! 

Listen to it here on Apple Podcasts:

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About Vanessa Murphy and Women In Confidence Podcast 

If you’re a driven woman seeking to unravel the mysteries of confidence and seeking practical strategies to fortify your self-assurance, then Women In Confidence pod is for you. All episodes spotlight real women with real-life narratives, chronicling their paths toward confidence, self-belief, and self-esteem. 

Through heartfelt interviews, you’ll encounter a diverse array of women, each with their own unique journey. They’ll reaffirm that you’re already remarkable just as you are and offer valuable insights and techniques they’ve personally employed to bolster their confidence. 

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