In Conversation with Melissa Smith from High Vibe Mindset Podcast

This is a special one – I had the honor of joining my BFF (and business partner- shout to Soulea!) Melissa Smith on her podcast, High Vibe Mindset Podcast to chat about building a value-aligned business, body image, social media comparison, and more.

Doing this with Melissa was a treat, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Following Your Values for Business Success

If you want to start a business, you should start by building a foundation based on your values. 

What makes you feel fired up and passionate? What do you believe in? What are your values? 

These are just *some* of the questions that Melissa and I put our heads together about when we started our joint venture, Soulea. We wanted to do something meaningful and that made our souls sing. 

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Diving into these questions will help reveal a business/idea that resonates with your values and will get you excited. The start of something new requires rolling up your sleeves, diving in, and embracing the messiness of trial and error. It’s about daring to experiment, knowing that not every attempt may work, but each one will teach invaluable life lessons. 

This happened to us! Before we finally unveiled Soulea, there was a lot of back-and-forth, many tear-filled calls, as we tried to figure out where our values properly aligned and what we could create with them. We had to tune out the outside world and expectations to find what needed to be done. It was 100% intuition-led, baby! 

Purposeful Names & Branding

Once your values and interests are locked and loaded – it’s time to morph those personal values into the DNA of your business. 

Your business is really what you do, not what you say you’ll do, so to have a value-aligned business, these values should be woven into everything! 

When creating something purposeful like this, even the most mundane tasks become infused with passion because they’re all in service of a greater purpose. Hey, who wants to work on something they are not truly passionate about, anyway!? 

This includes naming the business you craft up. We came up with Soulea after many discussions, drawing board conversations, and research. We felt deeply connected to the name we landed on and we encourage other entrepreneurs to follow their heart with this one. The name should resonate with you, your demographic, and your values. When you do that, your business becomes an extension of yourself, amplifying your voice and allowing you to express yourself authentically. Oh, and ALWAYS  Google your ideas! No one wants a replication. 

The same rule applies to branding! We were extremely intentional about our brand and product colors, as they emote certain emotions and vibes, connecting to various parts of life.

For us, we landed on green! Green screams nature, growth, and all that good stuff. It reminds us of strolling through a lush forest, experiencing expansion and renewal. Plus, it’s linked to the heart chakra, which is all about connection and empathy. When we then did research, we realized there were not many other brands infusing green in other brands! Bam! A perfect match – we were able to align one of our fave colors and it will make us stand out. 

Green Body Deck affirmation card by Soulea. podcast, podcasting, growth, high vibe, motivation, female founders, female business owners

The Body Deck

The Body Deck is 77 mindful affirmations that support ongoing cultivation of self love, confidence and personal growth. In less than 5 minutes a day, you can enjoy the ceremonial daily card pull, as part of your mediation practice or morning routine.

Each card has a different theme and is paired with boudoir imagery taken by yours truly!

Interested? They’re available for purchase here!

Tune In! 

I have to stop here or else Im going to give away ALL the juicy, juicy details. Hehe. 

You’ll have to listen to this podcast to learn the rest, including:

  • Tangible resources for aligning your values to your business. 
  • How to weave various intersections of interests into a profound business. 
  • Learn the inside story of the creation of Soulea and the Body Deck from step 1 to now!
  • The benefits of working with your BFF.

Listen here and let me know in the comments, what’s a business idea you’ve been stewing on for a while?! 


The High Vibe Mindset podcast is dedicated to empowering you to unleash your inner power, align with your values, and realize your full potential. Join host Melissa Smith, and an array of expert guests spanning self-development, psychology, business, spirituality, and more, we’ll dive deep into the tools and insights essential for your journey of self-discovery and growth.

Each episode is crafted to help you cultivate a mindset that aligns with your authentic self, guiding you toward a life filled with purpose and fulfilment.

The podcast’s mission is to provide you with the wisdom of esteemed experts, philosophers, and innovators, empowering you to make positive changes in your life. Covering topics such as self-confidence, creativity, relationships, and purposeful careers, we share strategies to optimize your routines, tap into your intuition, and manifest your dreams.

Whether you’re interested in mental health, astrology, human design, or Eastern and Western wisdom, High Vibe Mindset is your trusted companion on the journey to unlocking your potential.

High Vibe mindset podcast branding with Melissa Smith. podcast, podcasting, growth, high vibe, motivation, female founders, female business owners.


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