Outfit & Prop Ideas for Your Disco Ball Photoshoot

This has got to be one of my funnest Alter Ego sets to date! There are so many ways to express who you are, and this one that feels like stepping inside a giant discoball is one of my favorites. As something who loves disco balls and has like 5 of them all over my house!

There is a LOT included in your Session Fee to help you bring your disco ball dreams to life!

The disco ball set will have changing colors to match your outfit.

Professional Hair & Makeup is included!

AND you’ll receive use of a bunch of props specifically for this set!

(Plus this guide which will help you plan out your outfits!)

The Disco Ball Set

So. much. fun.

Random tip for this set – the floor is carpeted with a disco ball fabric laid over, I recommend against stiletto heels. It’s tough to stand in those on the carpet. Instead, I recommend chunky/wedge/platform heels, boots, or barefoot!

Disco Ball Photo Props

Offerings to enhance your experience! All the props and accessories in this section are included in your Session Fee to use during your photoshoot.

Get Bejewelled for Disco Ball Photos

Yes, I’ll have various body jewels for you to use

Disco Ball-ception

Yes, I have a disco ball for you to play and pose with during your session!

Fun Accessories – Hats, Sunglasses, Earrings

Anything neon, textured, bizarre, extra, etc is welcome!


I’ll have a bag of lollipops 😉

Professional Hair & Makeup

Show up with a clean, moisturized face and clean, dry hair 10 minutes early for your appointment. Professional hair & makeup is included in your Session Fee!

What’s included in your Session Fee:

  • Receive face makeup application in your choice of Fresh or Fantasy. Our stylists have makeup for every skin tone.
  • 24k gold, under-eye cooling masks included.
  • Lashes are included.
  • Elf ears are included if you choose Fantasy makeup.
  • Receive hair styling in your choice of straight, wavy, curly. We can volumize!
  • Wig assistance included.
  • Updos, complicated styles, braids are NOT included.

Disco Ball Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

There’s a few different twists you can take with this super flexible disco ball set idea. Below I’m sharing some outfits we developed for our demo photoshoot. I’m also going to include some photos from boudoir photoshoots to show more visual examples!

Fishnets are Perfect for Disco Ball Photos

I love all fishnets for this set, and the bejeweled ones with sparkly bits all over the legs would look great in this set!

All Black Doesn’t Even Have to Be Lingerie

Raver Outfits

I’m looking at you, party kids who have whole closets for your incredible party wardrobe. Bring some of that neon, fur, sequins, netting, sparkly, bedazzled, spandex!!

Bright Colors to Stand Out

Do you SEE how sparkly and intense the background is? This is Not the set for subtle, soft, basic colors. This is your chance to step fully into your BOLDEST self!

Grab Your Favorite Jacket

Wear a Wig

This pink wig especially gave these photos a super anime/video game inspired look!


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