Styling Your Fairy Dream Photoshoot: Outfit Ideas, Makeup Looks, Accessories

About THE Fairy Dream Aesthetic

There’s a LOT to this set that’s included in your Session Fee! Your photoshoot will use 3 different lighting looks to really take you deep into that fairy dream.

You also receive professional hair & makeup styling before your photoshoot, and we’ve created two beautiful looks that look stunning with this set for you to choose between!

You’ll also be able to use a few special accessories that come with the set. Check them out below!

The Fairy Dream Set Has 3 Looks – Day, Dusk, And Moonlit (Left to right)

Choose Your Makeup – Fresh or Fantasy

Fresh Makeup – (left) dewy, subtle, pop of color

Fantasy Makeup – (right) dramatic, bold colors in makeup, elf ears, fantasy details

You get to pick!

Use the Butterflies, Fairy Crown, and Wings During Your Photoshoot

Three props are included in your Session Fee:
Paper butterflies in several colors we can place on your skin, clothes, or hair.
A fairy crown of branches, butterflies, and flowers.

Sheer, iridescent fairy wings. I LOVE these during the Moonlit light.

Fairy Dream Photoshoot Set Outfit Ideas

Outfits are SUCH a visual thing I won’t bore you with a lot of words. Below I’m sharing photos from the demo Fairy Dream photoshoot to help inspire you on where to start with choosing your outfits.


Textured/3D Embroidery of Florals, Butterflies, or Other Natural Elements

Feminine Lace

Slinky Sheer

Use this to either 1. ramp up the sexiness level (more clingy & sheer) or to 2. make it more modest (less sheer but still very light and airy, relaxed fit).

Flowy Chiffon

Another great option if you prefer 1. a more modest option, 2. to be able to share your photos more widely, OR 3. just stylistically want to have more a glamour photoshoot vs boudoir.

What to Know

In my testing of this set, I found the angles to be better lower down. There is a huge range of posing we will do using the bench and floor in this set. Not so much standing/full body because of height restrictions and carpet floor in the fairy forest.

If You Bring High Heels: we will show those off with posing on the floor & bench. Not standing – so feel free to bring shoes you can’t really walk in! (iykyk)

Show up with a clean, moisturized face and clean, dry hair 10 minutes early for your appointment. Professional hair & makeup is included in your Session Fee!

Professional Hair & Makeup

  • Receive face makeup application in your choice of Fresh or Fantasy. Our stylists have makeup for every skin tone.
  • 24k gold, under-eye cooling masks included.
  • Lashes are included.
  • Elf ears are included if you choose Fantasy makeup.
  • Receive hair styling in your choice of straight, wavy, curly. We can volumize!
  • Wig assistance included.
  • Updos, complicated styles, braids are NOT included.

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