Outfit & Prop Ideas for The Green Room: Boudoir 420 Photoshoot

One thing I love about these limited edition 420 photoshoots is how creative and fun we can get! But all the traditional boudoir outfits also work too. Check out this post for ideas and inspiration for what to wear & bring to your shoot.

What is The Green Room?

The Green Room is the name for Embodied Art Boudoir’s limited edition 420 themed photoshoot set! I love this set, the green background and plants give a beautiful color pallet. And the drama of the lights really smoke trails POP in the photos.

This set also has two different lighting modes: Glam & Silhouette

Glam 420 Set

The glam set ladies & gentlemen!

Silhouette 420 Set

The silhouette set is amazing for those figure photos, anonymous shots, and mysterious vibes with the trippy green backdrop.

420 Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Weed Leaf Pasties

Brooklyn below had pot leaf pasties from Yandy! They worked great for a photoshoot. Click here to check out what they have now

Cut Out Bodysuit

With the dramatic lighting of the Green Room – including silhouette mode – a tight, cut out bodysuit really brings the action!

Green Velvet

It IS the Green Room after all! Plus, who doesn’t love velvet? It looks so sensuous in photos. 

(Photo from my own boudoir session – not my photo!)

Body Chains

Either wear them over some lingerie or go nude underneath. Body chains add a really sexy vibe to your photos and create beautiful draping on your body. 

A Cool Jacket

A glam, fuzzy jacket like this one looks really modern and fresh and this set. A leather jacket also look really badass!

A Cute Tee

A knotted up tee/tank with panties and thigh high socks – that would look hot with a joint! Just make sure you don’t get lost in something baggy, the Green Room is designed to highlight your gorgeous figure. 

Keep it Simple

You can never go wrong with a beautiful lingerie set – a bodysuit, lacy bra & panties, bralette & thong or boyshorts, etc. Or just a simple thong or g string!

A Note on Shoes

The studio has thick carpet, so stilettos are pretty tough to balance in. Aim for a chunkier heel or feel free to go barefoot! If you wear shoes, I recommend avoiding heels with ankle straps. 

Props for Your Mary Jane Themed Shoot

A Joint

My biggest complaint about most dispensary pre-rolls makes them PERFECT for a 420 photoshoot. They are so hard to keep lit! That’s perfect as they won’t burn too quickly through the shoot. 

Check out Herbing Legends for non-psychoactive joints if you want to be able to drive home after your session. You might also check out CBD-only strains. 

Your Favorite Piece

Do you have a cool lemon piece like Savannah (below) or a majestic bong? Bring your favorite piece if you want it in your photos!

Just make sure to pack it really safely in a hard-sided case with plenty of padding!

Your Cool Smoking Accessories

Whether it’s an exotic box, cool lighter, or fun rolling tray – you can bring your personality into your photos with a unique smoking accessory.

Be Safe

If you’re going to be smoking THC at your 420 photoshoot, you’ll need a designated driver to get home after your photoshoot. You can get a DUIs in the state of Colorado for driving while high. 

Please note you won’t be able to wait in the studio for your high to fade – I have to clean & sanitize the space for the next client. 

You have lots of options: 

  • Plan on taking an Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare to and from the studio.
  • Get dropped off by a friend and take a rideshare home.
  • Get dropped off & picked up by a friend. The studio is right by the Colorado Mills Mall and Target, so there are plenty of places for them to hang out for 40-50 minutes.
  • Take the train. The studio is a 10 minute walk from Red Rocks Community College Station. The W Light Rail stops there every 30 minutes and goes downtown to Union Station.
  • Use products that won’t get you high so you can drive yourself. 

For non-psychoactive joints, I love the herbal blends from Herbing Legends (and will have some extras in the studio if you want to use them!)

Tobacco is NOT allowed in the studio!!!


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