Hair, Makeup, and Other Tips For Your Studio Photoshoot

Everything you need to look your best for your photoshoot!

Makeup Tips


  • A smoky eye & neutral lip always ends up looking beautiful in boudoir photos. Think more Night vs Day makeup look. 
  • Let your creativity shine! If you love playing around with creative makeup looks, this is your opportunity to do something unique and creative!
  • Bring a couple options for lipstick – matte and light shine look best on camera! Have a range from neutral to bold. 
  • Be yourself. If makeup is not really your thing, don’t worry too much about it! You can keep it simple with a tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone, mascara, and tinted lip moisturizer!
  • Make sure your foundation matches the skin on your neck & chest and is well blended.
  • Use a setting spray!!


  • Use makeup with chunky or big glitter – it doesn’t look great in studio lighting. Carefully used light shimmer can look great. 
  • Use dark/shadow contouring – it tends to look muddy on camera. Blush is ok, but don’t go heavy. 
  • Avoid moisturizer & foundation with sun protection (SPF), zinc oxide – basically no mineral makeup! It turns ghostly white when using studio flash.
  • Avoid white deodorant – not makeup, but it leaves white streaks on your armpits in photos.

Best Hair Styles 

Loose Waves or Curls

Loose waves or curls create a romantic, relaxed, yet still polished look for your photos. Loose hair styles like this also allow you to run your hands through your hair, which we do a lot of in boudoir!

Great for long or short hair!

Beautiful Braids

Though you can’t run your fingers through braids the same way, you can still play with them during your shoot! Plus, they create a beautiful hairstyle that’s stunning in silhouette style photos.

Natural Hair

A confident woman rocking her natural hair is always a beautiful sight to see! Feel free to rock your natural hair for your photoshoot. 

Short Hair / Shaved Head

You’ve got it easy! You don’t really have to do much, except maybe plan to get your hair freshly trimmed 1-2 weeks before your shoot. Some of my shaved head clients do like to wear interesting & fun wigs for their photoshoots, so if you’re a wig gal bring your favorite one!

Other Tips

The photoshoot includes ‘light touch’ editing where I color correct, smooth skin, and remove temporary blemishes (pimples, bruises, scrapes, etc). More intensive editing comes at a charge since I send those files to a professional retoucher. 

These tips help make sure your photos don’t need any extra retouching!

  • Shower before your shoot and make sure to clean your feet, then wear loose socks to keep your feet clean. Dirty soles are such a bummer in an otherwise beautiful photoshoot – and the feet are visible a lot more than you might realize in boudoir!
  • Avoid white deodorant – it leaves streaks on your skin. 
  • Nails – Chipped polish in a photo can be SO distracting! Either have fresh polish or go totally bare. Make sure your nails are filed, cuticles tidy, and a clear coat on bare nails gives a beautiful shine. 
  • Do NOT spray tan!!


Don’t forget to book hair, makeup, and nails NOW if you want those professionally done for your shoot!


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