In Conversation with Dr. Kelly Kessler for The Rewiring Health Podcast

I deeply enjoyed my riveting conversation with Dr. Kelly Kessler on her amazing podcast, The Rewiring Health Podcast! In this blog, Im going to share my fave highlights from our conversation. 

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When Kelly inquired about my background, I divulged about how yoga changed my life. When I was introduced to the practice, my eyes were opened to the immense depth and spiritual side. I went from student to trainer quickly! 

This part of my life was – and continues to be – hugely transformational and impacted my worldview.  It caused me to question my career and I knew it was time to make changes and work for myself! I dedicated myself to being a full-time wedding photographer. This was wonderful, but the COVID-19 pandemic put a pretty big lurch into things. So, I turned to boudoir images after following & listening to my values. 

Best. Decision. Ever! 

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Yoga isn’t just about striking poses – it’s deeply intertwined with neuroscience, tapping into the intricate pathways of our brains. Ancient yogic scholars and modern neuroscientists agree that our minds are malleable, and we can reshape them. By practicing mindfulness, we can transform our thoughts from negative to positive.

I’ve continued with this for years and built on these foundations, combining mindfulness & connection through yoga and infusing this into my photoshoots! The shoots I do are more than just a sexy shoot, but will help re-orient yourself with yourself! I love seeing this transformation happen right in front of my eyes. 

Mindfulness Is the Key 

I then shared with Kelly about how my body used to feel like a foreign entity, something I kind of just inhabited, without truly understanding.

It wasn’t that I harbored negative feelings toward my body — it was more like I had no relationship with it whatsoever. I simply existed in it, using it without much thought or care, unless I injured myself.

What brought me home to myself was mindfulness, which helped me recognize and appreciate all my body does for me. It wasn’t about loving how I looked all the time, but embracing body neutrality and appreciating my body for its functionality & resilience. Through this, I learned to value my body in a whole new way. We’re friends now and I’m kind to it! Im always evolving & learning. 

Mindfulness is all about tuning in to your feelings & sensations, both physical & emotional, without any harsh judgments, just accepting whatever you’re experiencing without labeling it as good or bad.

You’re simply observing what’s happening inside you without jumping to conclusions or criticizing yourself. It’s like giving yourself a big, comforting hug and saying, “Hey, it’s okay to feel whatever I’m feeling right now.” 

Focusing on the good brings more good! The grass will grow where it is watered, appreciated, and heard. 

Through mindfulness comes clarity, a chance to finally break free from the cycle of self-criticism so we can channel that energy into positive growth and self-improvement instead! 

The Body Deck 

One way to build these positive thoughts is through affirmations. This is why I started another project, with my business partner, Melissa. We make affirmations cards called The Body Deck that infuse mindfulness & helping getting rid of that nasty inner critic through positive reinforcement. We used boudoir photos I shot, to showcase diverse beauty.

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What Else? 

You didn’t think I’d give the whole episode away did ya? 😉 

You’ll have to tune in to hear us chat about: 

  • The true story of an amazing transformation and experience of an EAB client 
  • Setting intentions 
  • Reclaiming your thoughts 

Listen here!

About Rewiring Health and DR Kelly Kessler

Revitalize Your Life is a podcast for high achievers who find themselves grappling with burnout, exhaustion, and a sense of disconnection from their well-being. If you’re feeling like you’re constantly pushing yourself to the limit and sacrificing your health in the process, then you’re in the right place.

In this podcast, Dr. Kelly Kesslers offers expert guidance and insights to reclaim your energy and restore balance in your life. Drawing from a diverse range of disciplines including nervous system regulation, subconscious mind reprogramming, hypnotherapy, spirituality, hormonal health, mindset, and habit formation, Dr. Kelly provides actionable strategies to help you cultivate a thriving life that aligns with your goals. Listen to learn how to reclaim your energy, restore harmony, and ultimately transform your life mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

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