Podcast Interview with Michelle Hayes of HerRise, Women Over 40

Today I’m going to take us back to December 2022, when I had the brilliant chance to sit down with Michelle Hayes for her podcast, HerRise, Women Over 40.

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About Michelle Hayes & HerRise, Women Over 40

Michelle Hayes is the brains behind HerRise, a self-improvement pod dedicated to helping women take charge of their lives, pursue their dreams & keep experiencing life while empowering others in the process. Michelle brings over 30 years of experience in healthcare, so she’s got the knowledge to back it up!

Her podcast is for women, especially those over 40 (though everyone’s welcome), who are ready to reclaim their lives. The podcast dives into topics such as aging, health, money, & relationships. There is a ton of inspiration on how to live your most authentic, best life.

Chatting Body Image, Mindfulness, & How They Connect Between Embodiment and Confidence

After describing the juicy details about what goes down in a boudoir photo shoot, Michelle Hayes smiled & said it sounds like, “vanilla and lavender,” which made me smile. I think I’ll steal that one for how to describe my studio from now!

It made me smile cause those descriptive words filled me with warmth, relaxation & happiness. Which is EXACTLY what I strive to create in my studio, a safe haven that is focussed on mindfulness, self-care, & body positivity.

Michelle Hayes was very curious, like most people are, about how mindfulness & boudoir connect.

The two go hand in hand as mindfulness allows for a focused, powerful & confident boudoir shoot. By focusing on the present moment, you can focus how your body feels, take deep breathes, & simply experience what is happening without ANY outside noise.

By inviting mindfulness into your shoot, you are more likely to enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting impact from a boudoir shoot. The boudoir shoot is the propeller of your self-love, body positivity journey! From there, you get to take what you’ve learned & experienced & set the tone for your future.

And it’s never too late to re-direct & steer your future in a new direction. Michelle Hayes said it best: “There’s no age limit on fun!”

Go On, Have A Listen…

To hear more about my career path, what got me into boudoir, transformations I’ve seen at boudoir shoots, & my biggest marketing tip…you’ll have to listen to the podcast!

I’d love to hear your thoughts & feedback in the comments below!

Listen now on Apple Podcast or below!

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