My Top Favorite 30 Images from 2023 (Plus 2 Bonuses)

I’m so thrilled to be sharing my favorite photographs from 2023! This was such a fun exercise I have done the past few years to see how I’ve progressed in my artistic skills and to remember all the amazing clients that came through my door that year.

Btw – It was SO hard to get this list down to only 30 images, but I’m pretty proud of what I see here. (Yes clients, I go through the same culling process you have to when picking your album images!)

So check them out and let me know what you think! I’ll leave a comment about why each image made it to the Top 30 list.

Ready to take a tour with me?

Let’s go!

BTW in case it’s not obvious, this post is VERY NSFW. There is nudity. You’ve been warned.

My Top 30 Boudoir Images from 2024

The raw passion in these ones feel nearly tangible…

And the soft, feminine sensuality in these make me sigh…

These images feels so badass & confident and I want every women who enters my studio to feel this way…

While also making space for the soft, vulnerable side of you…

My studio is all about loving & accepting who you are…which includes your “not pretty” side! This image got me started LOVING photographing people’s grumpy face, resting bitch face, etc.

The playful flirtiness of these ones just make you want to play, no?

And the pure joy in these make me smile so damn much!

I adore getting close up and telling a story through just a glimpse of their body, you can get so much about how they feel… (and both these women rocked at layering & details in their outfits!)


These images really shine a light on the beauty of the human form… (the third one became my 2024 Welcome Guide cover image!)

The shower set became a new favorite for me this year with these steamy moments!

This client told me how this image felt so true to her, like it was the most a photo had ever expressed who she was. I was honored, and also thing she’s just so adorable!!

This client told me how this image helped her love how her body looks again post-surgery. That’s why I do this people!!

I just can’t wait this facial expression, there’s so much being said here, and I love how this shot highlights some of my favorite elements of my bed set…

My favorite bridal shot of the year with my favorite butt-enhancing pose!!

This might be the best executed *wink* I’ve ever witnessed! Is she not a master of the wink??

Bonus Images…

These ones aren’t classic boudoir images, but I had SUCH a fun time creating these images at camp when my bunkmates asked me to take playful nudes for them. I’m obsessed.

So, what do you think? Do you have any favorites? Maybe an outfit, set, or pose you want to try now?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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