Podcast Interview with Lo Wentworth of The Naked Life

The Naked Life Podcast is the go-to destination for shedding societal expectations, breaking free from labels & rediscovering the authentic woman within! It is hosted by multi-talented Lo Wentworth. Listening to her podcast sort of feels like a guidebook to dismantling the walls that confined you, rebuilding your true self, & embracing your wildest aspirations.

I felt so lucky to get to sit down with her to chat all things self-connection & mindfulness. Here are (some) of the juicy details!

Mindfulness & Connection

When I quit my corporate job as a salesperson in the tech field (can you picture it?) I knew it was the right choice. It was a little messy & stressful, but, overall, I felt peace—because I listened & followed my gut.

After that job, I worked as a photographer focused on weddings & couples shots…for a little while. I made the most of it. I met incredible people, challenged myself & expanded my skills. But, there was something deep in my gut telling me, “something isn’t quite right.”

After some coaxing from a friend, I dipped my toe into boudoir photography.

I haven’t looked back since.

The Power of Self-Connection

Throughout my chat with Lo, an obvious theme starts to emerge: listening & connecting to ones self.

I am a passionate advocate for mindfulness & presence. When you slow down & notice what feels good in the body (aka your true reality) & away from the thoughts, you ensure everything you are doing & saying is aligned with your authentic self.

Your thoughts are no longer controlling you, or bogging you down with tomorrow’s worries or what you said yesterday. Scattered thoughts turn into focused silence.

The mind can be liberated from the shackles of worry, rumination, anxiety, complaints, judgment, & shame. Of years of pain & hiding. Instead, it synchronizes with the body, creating a beautiful alignment & connection between mind & body, enriching overall well-being.

The results? Jaw-dropping boudoir images you can savor for years that will have you saying, “Wow, that’s me?!”

Confidence is a motley blend of qualities, but a significant part of it involves stepping into situations that terrify you. It’s about pushing yourself to prove to yourself your capabilities, even if you don’t succeed the first, second, or tenth time, by persistently showing up for yourself, you demonstrate your commitment to yourself.

This is the process through which confidence is nurtured & cultivated. It is profoundly healing.

That’s why I encourage people to sign up for a boudoir photoshoot before they believe they’re fully prepared. It’s in these moments of courage that confidence truly grows.

Listen now

You didn’t think I’d give it alllllll away did you?!

What you can look forward to by hitting play on my episode of The Naked Life Podcast:

  1. Is golf really a sport? 🤣
  2. The depths of mind-body connection, a well-guarded secret to unlocking potential.
  3. Learn the details of the photoshoot process & uncover the truth about what truly transpires!
  4. Learn how I use mirror neurons in my practice.

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