Where to Buy Bras When You Have Huge Boobs

As a boudoir photographer, I see a lot of bras. I see a lot of boobs in those bras. I’d guess that most women wearing a size like 34D or 36DD (the biggest size they can find in stores like Victoria’s Secret) are in the completely wrong bra size.

If you are:

  • Busting out of all your bras
  • Wearing multiple bras for support
  • Having to rearrange your boobs constantly
  • Feeling like you’re carrying two huge weights completely in your shoulders (the right bra supports your boobs from below)
  • With perma-indents / red marks on your shoulders from bra straps
  • Wearing only the ugliest, saddest looking bras because they are the least uncomfortable option at the mall….

You are wearing the wrong bra size.

Most big-boobed people have to go down in the band (the number in 34D) and up in the cup (the letter in 34D) for a better fit.

But it’s hard to find brands that make cup sizes up to G, H, even K! A lot of people don’t even know bras can come in a 36K.

Most American brands do not have this kind of size range, which is why I never purchased my bras from American brands.

Step 1: Figure Out Your Correct Bra Size

I wrote a guide all about this. Check it out here.

If you missed last week’s post about finding your correct bra size, check it out here.

Step 2: Buy Bras in Your Correct Size

This is the step we’re on now. My favorite brands & where I used to buy bras when I wore around a 30GG-32HH.

Most of these brands carry a MUCH wider size range than American brands, which often max out at a 38 or 40 band (your ribcage measurement) and a D or DD cup size (your breast volume measurement), leaving most women trying to squeeze their boobs into containers way too small or flimsy for them!

If you’re struggling with huge boobs and nowhere comfy & cute to put them, I want to help you. I want happier shoulders & back for you too (which is also why I never cue you to “arch your back” in a boudoir photoshoot).

So leave a comment if you have any questions!

For a super comprehensive guide on buying hard-to-find bra sizes, check out A Bra That Fits! wiki. For my mini guide, read on!

My Favorite Brands for huge boobs

These brands all have a really wide size/shape range, so you’re likely to find something that works for you! I consider the first 3 brands to be the “starter” for buying British bras if your cup size is DD or larger. Most go up to a K cup.

  • Freya: Lovely designs on comfortable bras. Their swimsuits were my favorite! I was lucky enough to have access to an outlet shop that carried this brand when I lived in Boston, so I could try them on.
  • Panache: These fit my shape perfectly, which made them perfect for all-day wear. I felt super secure in these, which also means they weren’t the most comfortable for lounging.
  • Comexim: My favorite Polish brand. They’re (relatively) easy to find, gorgeous, and super sexy. Their plunge bras are amazing!!
  • Curvy Kate: I never had much luck with their shapes working for me, but I really wanted them to work. They have the best designs! Super modern, trendy, and sexy or cute.
  • Honorary Mention: Adore Me: Though I never shopped from Adore Me in the past, so many of my clients have come in for their sessions with gorgeous, affordable bra & panty sets from Adore Me. Their size range is quite wide!

My Favorite Shops for huge Boobs

Bare Necessities

This was my hands down favorite website to shop from. They have an enormous selection, great sales, fast shipping, and a really well-organized website that makes it easy to browse or immediately find what you’re looking for.

Check out their Fit Finder quiz

Shop here: Bare Necessities


I know Amazon gets a lot of hate, but the free, fast shipping (with Prime) and free returns make Amazon a great option for buying bras. There are a surprising number of good brands on the site and you can usually find a great deal.

The downside of Amazon – I’ve noticed they often have weird gaps in inventory, like only one or two sizes (out of 20) for a particular model.

Freya on Amazon
Panache on Amazon
Adore Me on Amazon

Comexim, Ewa Michalak, and the Polish gold mine

There are literally dozens Polish lingerie brands, many with a very wide size range and gorgeous designs. Apparently Poland is a hotspot for lingerie fashion design!

Intrigued? Want to dive down that rabbit hole? Check out this section in the A Bra That Fits! Wiki that breaks down the Polish brands and where to buy them.

Honorable Mention: Breakout Bras

I wish I had know about this brand back in my big boob days!

They have a physical retail location in North Carolina, a great online website, and a focus on fit. They will even guide you through the fitting process when you buy through them, doing virtual fittings on the phone and email.

They have a beginner-friendly Fitting Guide.

Shop here: Breakout Bras

Before you go on a shopping spree!

Make sure you understand how sizing works across different countries. A 34H in the US and a 34H in the UK are not the same size!! Check out this guide on bra sizing by country.

Let me know how your journey goes!!

Have any questions? Ask in the comments below!

Get in touch about a boudoir shoot!

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