Outfit Ideas for Branding Photoshoots and Beauty Portraits

If you’re expanding your boudoir session with a Branding and/or Beauty set, this post is for you! I’ll share inspiration and outfit ideas for your branding photoshoot and beauty portraits.


Outfit Ideas for Branding Photoshoots

For branding photos I like to think about the outfits in 4 categories:

  1. Outfits you wear on the job – aka what your clients will see you wear
  2. Casual
  3. Business casual
  4. Business formal

Category 1 – Outfits you wear on the job – can overlap with any of the other categories.

For example, if you’re a coach, depending on your personality & style and your ideal client, you might wear:

  • Casual outfits when coaching remotely
  • Business casual outfits when networking or meeting clients that work in offices
  • Business formal outfits if your ideal client wears business formal – think C suite

You don’t need to wear a suit if you and your clients are “work from home in your PJs” types of people. In fact, that would probably harm your branding and alienate your ideal client!

One purpose of your branding photos is to give clients a visual introduction to you in an increasingly digital world. That’s why I always recommend people bring an outfit that their clients would see them wearing!

Some branding photoshoot outfits ideas include:

  • Your favorite jeans & t shirt, tank, sweater
  • A pantsuit or skirt suit
  • A pencil or A-line skirt with a silky blouse
  • A wrap dress
  • A branded T shirt/tank with your favorite skirt/pants
  • Include part or all of your work uniform
  • Tailored pants, button up, vest, and bow tie

Outfit Ideas for Beauty Portraits

For Beauty Portraits, there are 3 categories of outfits:

  • Casual
  • Formal
  • Black tie

Beauty portraits are SO much fun because they really let you be as simple or as extra as you want!

If you went to a black tie wedding and wore an epic gown that looked incredible on you, a beauty photoshoot is the perfect time to pull that baby out of storage and show it off again!

If you live in yoga pants and feel most as home when you’re cozy, then use your shoot as an excuse to invest in a beautiful new matching athleisure set!

Some beauty photoshoot outfit ideas include:

  • Your favorite jeans & t shirt, tank, sweater
  • Your favorite dress to wear when you go out
  • A classic, timeless sheath, A-line, or wrap dress
  • A trendy outfit that boldly expresses your current style, personality, and energy
  • A formal gown – make it as EXTRA as your heart desires!

What NOT to Wear

There are a few things to avoid when figuring out what to wear for a branding photoshoot or beauty portraits:

  • Clothing that is too small or too big
  • Clothing that is really old/shabby
  • Clothing with very large, busy prints
  • Clothing that washes you out – pure white, pure black, and neons tend to wash out a lot of skin tones, alternatives to these colors include cream, pale pink, mauve, camel, and rich jewel tones.

And don’t worry too much about the shoes. Have 1 or 2 nice pairs of shoes in good condition but don’t stress over them – shoes rarely make it into your photos – unless you want them to!

Where to find outfits for your branding photoshoot and beauty portraits

  • Your own closet – pull out the outfits you love and wear most often!
  • Local clothing boutique – you can often get free personalized styling assistance at a local boutique.
  • Nordstrom – their sales associates can also help you with personal styling
  • Rent The Runway
  • TJ Maxx – when I worked in an office job I would get all my work blouses and dresses from here!

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