Boudoir Inspo: Nudescape or Bodyscape Photography

One thing I ask my clients is whether they want a certain ‘look’ or style of images. I want to make sure they love their final results. Some people have been inspired by certain photos to want to do a boudoir photoshoot, and they would be disappointed if they didn’t walk away with that style of image in their album. 

But most people have no clue! They appreciate the art but don’t know all the different styles. Or they are more motivated by the desire to experience an empowering, luxurious boudoir experience. 

I want to help you be satisfied with your boudoir images no matter why you signed up. So I’ll be sharing some fun inspiration featuring different boudoir styles for you on the blog! 

This post is all about bodyscape photography.  

Bodyscapes, also known as nudescape or high contrast nude, uses bright light and sharp  deep shadows to create a dramatic, almost monochrome effect. Only the edges of your body are illuminated, creating a beautiful curved line across the image. It’s not always clear to the viewer that they’re seeing a human body. 

Bodyscapes Photography Inspiration


Abstract bodyscapes make you look twice – it’s not immediately obvious you’re looking at a person’s body. When you see an abstract bodyscape, you’ll probably first wonder if you’re looking at a graceful mountain. These look beautiful nude.

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High Detail

This is a really stunning type of bodyscape photography, perfect for an artistic portrait of your lips, collarbones, back, and other small areas of your body. I love this style for highlighting your favorite body features, like butt, boobs, or lips.  


Using different fabrics and shapes, we can create interesting shadows on your skin with bodyscape photography. This creates an almost ethereal, attention-grabbing effect. I love using lace to cast shadows – if you have a lacy scarf or shirt with a beautiful pattern, you can incorporate that into your bodyscape photoshoot. 


Use tiny props, like some berries, a cherry, or honey drizzled down your back, for something fun and different. 

What style do you love most? Let me know in the comments!

What do you wear to a bodyscape photoshoot?

Well the first option is to go nude! But, that isn’t actually necessary.

Though nudescapes look fantastic, with the unbroken line of light down the length of the body, you can still get that stunning effect without having to go totally nude. 

So if you don’t want to go nude, what do you wear?

  • A skin toned thong and go topless
  • A bra and panty set 
  • Stockings and heels 
  • Body chains, jeweled pasties

If you want to bring some glamour and creativity into your photos, you can also experiment with fabrics and finishes that catch the light – silk, satin, chiffon. 

I loved this set Camille brought in – a lime green, satin bra and panty set. The pop of the shiny green set and her red hair created the vibrant effect pictured below. 

Want to do a bodyscape photoshoot?

When you sign up for a luxury boudoir photoshoot at Embodied Art Boudoir, you can have 3 ‘outfits’ or looks. You can choose bodyscapes for one of your looks! 

Let me know in the form below that you want a bodyscape look and we’ll make it happen. Bonus – you’ll still have 2 other looks/outfits for more variety in your final images!

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