Insecurities can be rough. We all have them. Sometimes it seems like the comparison and negative thoughts feel stronger than our efforts at self-acceptance. The little voice in our heads that whispers “you can’t do something like a boudoir shoot until you look like that influencer or lose those last 20 pounds.”

But looking a certain way won’t change the way you think about yourself. It won’t make you love yourself more.

Only loving yourself more will make you love yourself more.

Which is why I love being a boudoir photographer so, so much. I can offer womxn & femmes an opportunity to practice/experience self-love toward your body and invest in creating truly stunning art.

Because, after all,

Don’t let Self Doubt hold you back from celebrating yourself

You Are a Masterpiece

Gabby is amazing to work with! I immediately felt at ease working with her. She's super communicative and friendly, especially for first-time models of boudoir. Takes you step by step through the process in the weeks leading up to the shoot, as well as the day of. Never once did I feel uncomfortable or outside of my comfort zone. And her work is absolutely STUNNING! Seeing the previews during the shoot just boosted my confidence even more, and at the viewing session I was in shock of her talent. Her skill and poise in finding ways to create art for each womxn is truly a gift. Can't wait for my album to come in!  💋

Be reminded of your beauty and power every day. YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE. 

A Luxury Denver, CO Boudoir Photography Experience 

Know that you’re receiving the highest quality service and product, like the popular Velvet Albums and Metal Wall Art.

Tangible Art That Celebrates Your Body & Sensuality 

Know exactly how to move, zero modeling experience necessary. As a trained yoga instructor I love making posing clear and fun! 

Expertly Directed Posing 

Before your shoot I'll guide a body-love meditation to ground you and start generating good vibes and relaxation for your shoot. 

Pre-Session Body-Love Meditation 

I’ll help you feel comfortable and empowered before, during, and after your shoot. And I’ve got funky shoot tunes!

A Fun & Enthusiastic Photographer 

Know exactly what to expect before your boudoir photoshoot, even if it’s your first time

Pre-Session Prep

What to Expect From Your Embodied Art Boudoir Experience with Gabby

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If you’ve never done something like a boudoir photoshoot before - don’t worry, I got you. Leading up to your shoot I’ll share a ton of helpful info to help you prepare and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions that might pop up. During your shoot I’ll be directing you through everything - including what to do with your face & where to put your hands!

My photography career started with yoga photography after I completed my yoga teacher training. A few years later, I shifted to boudoir photography because I wanted to bring my experience with posing, yoga & mindfulness principles, and meditation to more people. That’s why all my sessions start with a body-love meditation - my clients love how relaxed it helps them feel before their session!

I believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, sexy, and confident in their body. It’s my mission to help people find something to celebrate about themselves. Nobody should have to wonder if they’re worthy of celebration.

Are you looking for a boudoir photographer who can help you feel prepared and confident?

Which is why I’m here to shout from the mountaintops - YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE. You are worthy & perfect exactly as you are, today, right now. And it’s time to celebrate YOU!!!

You don’t need an excuse to invest in a boudoir experience for yourself - and you definitely don’t have to lose weight or tone up to be "ready" for a photoshoot.

Want to learn more about investing in your journey of self-love through photography?

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Hi, I'm Gabby!

Boost your confidence & self-love with a pre-shoot meditation, expert posing direction, and a SAME DAY Viewing & Ordering Session

Rock It Out at Your Boudoir Photoshoot!


I’ll share everything you need to know to prepare for your photoshoot so you feel confident on your big day

Get Tons of Helpful Prep Info


Get allll your initial questions answered before you book your session

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You’re Only 3 Steps Away from An 
Empowering Boudoir Experience

I had an incredible experience with Gabby for my photo shoot. She was enthusiastic, a lot of fun and made me feel very comfortable! She prepared me well ahead of time letting me know what to expect and followed up to check in afterwards. Can’t wait for my black velvet album 😉

Denver Boudoir Photography Pricing

Your Session Fee of $500 Includes...

Boudoir Styling & Prep Guide
Pre-Shoot Consultation
Professional Hair & Makeup
1.5 Hour Photoshoot
3 Outfits
Body-Love Guided Meditation
Same Day Viewing & Ordering Session - that's right, you'll see your images right after your session!

The session fee does not include images. All images - albums, folio boxes, wall art, and digitals - are sold separately. A La Carte artwork (wall art, albums) starts at $1800 and Collections start at $1900.

Schedule a call today to learn about payment plans and bonuses!

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My goal is to create art with you, not to change what you look like! I take a very light approach to editing and my partner makeup artist is excellent at creating the look you want.

"I’m afraid of looking like someone else."

You can’t pour from an empty cup. By investing in your own self-love, you’re teaching your kids what self-care looks like while nourishing your own soul so you can continue loving & caring for others. Boost your confidence & self-love with a pre-shoot meditation, expert posing direction, and a SAME DAY Viewing & Ordering Session

"I have kids/dependents and feel guilty spending money on myself."

Me too! That’s why I’ve worked hard to create a welcoming environment and coach you step-by-step with clear and encouraging posing that looks amazing on EVERY body!

"I’ve done a photoshoot before and it was awkward and uncomfortable / I didn’t like the photos."

I get it - it can be intimidating to figure out how to fit a luxury photography experience in your budget. That’s why I offer payment plans so you can get high-quality art for as little as $300/monthly or $150/biweekly!

"I Can't Afford a Boudoir Photoshoot."

Will you believe me if I tell you that actually, no, you don’t? I work with every client to highlight their favorite features and posing that compliments your assets. Your body is worthy of celebration RIGHT NOW, not after hitting some arbitrary goal.

"I need to lose weight/tone up before I do a boudoir shoot. "

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