Couple huddled together on the rocks on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal in fierce wind.

6 Reasons to Elope in Portugal

  1. Russ and Kasey says:

    Good morning,

    We are planning a small elopement (vow exchange) ceremony in Portugal (legal paperwork done at home in the US). We will have 11 guests (parents and siblings) sharing the moment with us. We saw pictures from an elopement on a photographers site at the Monserrate Palace gardens, and fell in love with the idea. Can you help us with tips? I contacted the Monserrate Palace regarding what we would need to do to exchange vows there since we dont want a large ceremony rental. We would like it to be cost efficient and stress- free. The target date is June 5, 2021.

    • Gabby says:

      Hey Russ & Kelly! I LOVE your elopement idea. I went to Sintra and checked out Monserrate and a bunch of incredible sites around there for my bday a couple years back!! You are making a GREAT choice. Sintra is such a magical place and Monserrate’s gardens feel like a fairy tale. Is the fairy-tale vibe what drew you to Monserrate, the ruins, something else?

      Being owned by the government, there’s going to be some paperwork and steps to get through to but I can point you in the right direction and help with that or recommend a local planner if you prefer someone to handle all of it for you. I’d love to chat with you about how we can make your dream elopement in Monserrate a reality!!

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