27+ Ideas for How to Use Your Headshots and Beauty Portraits

A big question I get is “what am I supposed to do with beauty portraits?” or “what do I use my branding photos for?”.

This blog post is going to give you a TON of ideas for how to use the photos from your branding photoshoot or beauty portraits!

And this is only the tip of the ice berg – if you come up with any ideas that you don’t see on the list, share it in the comments.

How to Use the Photos From Your Headshot Photoshoot

  1. Facebook profile picture (changing this every few weeks sparks a lot of engagement!)
  2. Instagram profile picture
  3. LinkedIn profile picture
  4. Pinterest profile picture
  5. Twitter profile picture
  6. Any social media profile picture
  7. Any forum/blog/membership profile picture
  8. Instagram feed post – introduce yourself to new followers! (photos of you perform BEST – your audience wants to connect to you!)
  9. Facebook banner image
  10. Facebook business page
  11. Email signature
  12. Website about page
  13. Website home page
  14. Any website page can benefit from a picture of you to help your reader connect!
  15. Your business card
  16. Printed marketing materials (posters, flyers, brochures, etc)
  17. Use it as a speaker headshot when you speak at events, podcasts, etc
  18. Put it on the back of your book

What do with your Beauty Portraits

  1. Facebook profile picture
  2. Instagram profile picture
  3. Twitter profile picture
  4. LinkedIn profile picture
  5. Instagram feed post
  6. Print it and hang it in your home – you deserve a spot of honor in your own home!
  7. Print it and put it somewhere you see daily – to remind yourself of your beauty & confidence!
  8. Print it and give it to your parents, grandparents, or childhood caregiver as a gift – Family members LOVE this!!! It makes a great holiday gift.
  9. Print a desktop-sized print to give your partner for their office


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